George Huguely 'Obsessive' About Yeardley Love, Friend Says (NEWS, VIDEO)

07/07/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

On the condition of anonymity, some friends of accused killer George Huguely and his slain ex-girlfriend Yeardley Love are speaking out about the couple's relationship.

The New York Daily News reports:

A friend of Huguely's who played lacrosse with him in summer leagues told the Daily News that Huguely "partied really hard and when he was drunk or f----- up, he could be violent. He would get out of control."

Huguely was described by the summer league teammate as "obsessive," constantly texting and calling Love, to the point that people close to her worried about the relationship.

Another friend who knew both Huguely and Love said the couple broke up in part due to an incident during which Huguely attacked Love and could not remember doing it the next day. On the night of Love's death, the friend reported that people saw Huguely at a party "breaking bottles" and that said he was going to go to Love's apartment to get her back.

According to earlier reports, Huguely allegedly threatened Love before her death. On the night of her murder, Huguely took Love's computer from her room and disposed of it. Police seized both that computer and another and are examining emails between the two as evidence.

Officials Thursday zeroed in on a Charlottesville bar where they believe the couple may have fought the night of Love's death, the Washington Post reports.

On Wednesday, thousands came together at the University of Virginia to mourn Yeardley Love. Today, students are dressing in blue and orange to honor Love. Her funeral is scheduled for tomorrow.

WATCH: CBS News update on the case.

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