07/07/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

UVA To Perform Background Checks On Students After Yeardley Love Death (NEWS, VIDEO)

In the wake of Yeardley Love's alleged murder at the hands of her ex-boyfriend, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell has arranged a meeting with University of Virginia President John Casteen to discuss how to protect students from violence through stronger laws.

The Baltimore Sun reports:

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and university President John T. Casteen will discuss potential legislation, McDonnell's office said Thursday. Among the topics may be legislation requiring police to report student arrests to the university.

The governor reached out yesterday after Casteen acknowledged the school had been unaware that senior George Huguely, the suspect in the beating death of lacrosse player Yeardley Love, had had several run-ins with police before Love's death. A new police report involving Huguely surfaced yesterday.

The University of Virginia will begin performing background checks on all of its students. Under school policy, UVA officials should have known about Huguely's arrest in 2008, during which he threatened to kill a police officer. But Huguely failed to report it, and no one checked up on him.

Casteen recounts the chain of questions about Huguely's past this week:

"I asked first of all whether our police department received any notice of that arrest, and the answer was no. Second, I asked [Athletic Director] Craig [Littlepage] if the coaches had any knowledge of it or whether it had been disclosed, and the answer was no, also. Finally, I asked whether students are required to self-report arrests, convictions, and so on. And there is, in fact, a regulation in the student code of regulations that requires that kind of report."

WATCH: ABC investigates the missed warning signs in Love's death.