NYPD Bomb Squad Smashes Windows Of Suspicious BMW Parked In Front Of Museum Of Natural History

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The New York Police Department's bomb squad smashed out the passenger side windows of an idling SUV in front of the American Museum of Natural History on Sunday, reports the New York Post.:

A prototype BMW caused a bomb scare on the Upper West Side this morning after the driver covered the vehicle with a tarp and left the engine running.

Police did not find any threat inside the vehicle, according to The West Side Independent:

A street vendor who operates in the area told us that he spoke to the BMW's driver. He said the BMW was a prototype with special markings on it (the Post says they were zebra stripes) and that it didn't have a registration or a second license plate.

The Post reports that police were alerted about the vehicle by a passerby.

On Saturday, May 1, police found a smoking Nissan Pathfinder loaded with a poorly built bomb and parked in Times Square. Pakistani-American Faisal Shahzad has been arrested in that failed bomb plot.

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