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Daniel Chung: New Zealand Taxi Driver Feeds Homeless Each Week Out Of His Own Pocket

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When taxi driver Daniel Chung heard that homeless people in his Christchurch, New Zealand community had died sleeping outdoors overnight, he knew he wanted to help. Chung explains, "I had it in my heart to help them -- I had to."

He started bringing meals to a handful of local homeless people every Sunday -- now, years later, up to a hundred people line up in Latimer Square each Sunday for a meal served by Chung and his family.

Although Chung lives modestly on his income from driving a taxi, he sets aside between $100-300 NZD each week to bring fruit, baked goods, meat and other foods to the homeless patiently waiting in line in Latimer Square. Since Chung has a wife and four children to support, feeding the homeless is often a struggle financially, but Chung is dedicated to continuing his efforts each Sunday.

Since Chung's story was first reported, by New Zealand newspaper "The Press," he has received an outpouring of community praise and support, with many offering to donate money.