05/10/2010 02:42 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Japanese Poster For 'W.' Just As Great As You Hoped (PICTURE)

As we've discussed, when American movies go overseas, something gets lost in translation. And as we also discussed, anything that goes to Japan gets lost in a vortex of crazy. That in mind, it's very surprising how much sense Japan's poster for "W." actually makes.

We found this on Reddit, and user Yeahboi sheds some light on an additional joke:

"Below it is says The world's "Kutsu Yoge" man. Generally in Japanese the phrase KY means 空気読めない, literally "to be unable to read the air" but what it refers to is someone who can't read a situation, someone who is always putting their 'foot in it' so to speak. So it's a pun on the fact that Bush was gaffe prone and he got a shoe chucked at him."