College Yields: Harvard, U Of Chicago Report Record Numbers

05/12/2010 01:11 pm 13:11:49 | Updated May 25, 2011

As the Class of 2014 submits its college decisions, schools tally their yield rates, or the number of accepted students who choose to go to that college. Yield rates determine how many students a school can admit from their waiting list.

Dartmouth ... said its yield this spring was 55 percent. That is a 7 percent increase over last year -- a jump so large that no applicant may be admitted from the waiting list this year, according to Maria Laskaris, the dean of admissions and financial aid. (Last year, 95 came off that list, she said.) The University of Pennsylvania said its yield had held steady, at 63 percent, though Penn said it was too early to know about the waiting list.

Other colleges and universities that have responded, so far, to my yield queries are the State University of New York at New Paltz (a yield of 21 percent, compared to 20 percent a year ago); Cornell (a 49 percent yield, up a tenth of a percentage point from last year), and Lafayette (27 percent, an increase of one percentage point).

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill said its yield was 53.3 percent (compared to 53.9 percent at this time last year).

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