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Solutions For The Gulf Oil Spill (PHOTOS/VIDEOS)

Huffington Post     First Posted: 05/12/10 10:08 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 05:25 PM ET

The Gulf oil spill continues to gush enormous amounts of oil into the ocean every day, as BP struggles to contain and stop the flow.

Here are ideas that we've continued to update that people have proposed to help clean up the oil spill and stop the leak. Some seem plausible and effective, while others could potentially cause more damage in the end. Are these solutions crazy or genius? You tell us! As BP said in an press conference, they are open to ideas to how to contain and clean up the spill. (We find this both comforting and alarming.)

Have a great idea to help with the disaster that no one's talking about? Send in a photo with a description or a short youtube video explaining the plan. Below are some of the latest solutions we've found and readers have sent in.

Have a great idea for containing or cleaning up the oil spill? Send in a photo and short description or a youtube video.
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Polymer Cloth Filter
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Inhabitat posted this video showing Di Gao, an assistant professor of chemical and petroleum engineering, using a cotton cloth that he coated in a chemical polymer to successfully filter oil from seawater.
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Top 5 Solutions For The Oil Spill
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