05/13/2010 05:30 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

McInnis Still Leads Hickenlooper: Rasmussen

A new poll from Rasmussen reports shows that, even after a rough month on the campaign trail, likely Republican Gubernatorial nominee Scott McInnis continues to lead Democrat Mayor John Hickenlooper in the Colorado Governor's race.

The poll, which was conducted via phone on May 11, showed roughly the same results as in months past, with McInnis receiving 47% of the vote and Hickenlooper getting 41%. The poll has a 4.5% margin for error.

The poll follows a month in which McInnis announced he had spent virtually all of the money raised during the first filing period of 2010. McInnis also recently refused to turn over his income tax forms to the press.

More respondents had strong opinions of Hickenlooper than of McInnis, with 25% reporting a 'very favorable' opinion of the Denver Mayor, and 22% saying they had 'very unfavorable' opinions.