05/13/2010 08:41 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Most Popular People On Twitter, According To The 'Forced Follow' Bug

The "forced follow" bug discovered on Twitter earlier this week gives us yet another way to gauge which Tweeters are the most popular.

For those who didn't see the exploit, the bug allowed a user to force another Twitterer to follow his or her account, just by tweeting "accept [username]" (i.e. "accept HuffPostTech").

Word of the glitch spread quickly over Twitter, and users rapidly began exploiting the bug to force others to follow them (although Twitter later undid any of the forced follows).

Data from the auto-follow glitch reveals whom users were most eager to have follow them and offers another way to measure who are the most popular people on Twitter.

Rowfeeder has compiled data to create a graphic showing which Twitter users received the most "accept" requests (see the chart here).

Check out the top 20 Tweeters who received the most "forced follows" in the list below.
  1. @Oprah
  2. @LadyGaGa
  3. @JustinBieber
  4. @ConanOBrien
  5. @PerezHilton
  6. @Aplusk [Ashton Kutcher]
  7. @BillGates
  8. @KimKardashian
  9. @JoeJonas
  10. @Ddlovato [Demetria Lovato]
  11. @NickJonas
  12. @PhillyD
  13. @BarackObama
  14. @BritneySpears
  15. @JimCarrey
  16. @SelenaGomez
  17. @TaylorSwift13
  18. @HugoGloss
  19. @YelyahWilliams
  20. @KevinJonas

Interestingly, @BarackObama got just a quarter of the requests @Oprah garnered, and was out-ranked by @JustinBieber, @LadyGaGa, and @PerezHilton, among others.

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