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Online Overshares: 32% Say They've Experienced 'Poster's Remorse'

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Just because you can share more online doesn't mean you always should.

A survey by Retrevo of 1000 online individuals found that nearly a third of all respondents (32%) admit having posted something online that they regretted.

Over half of people under 25 (54%) said they had experienced second-doubts about something they shared online, while just 27% of people over 25 said they had. Nearly two-thirds of iPhone users (59%) said they had "poster's remorse."

Among all users who said they had regrets about posting information about themselves on the web, 13% they were able to remove it, 3% said it "ruined my marriage or relationship with someone," and 6% said it caused them problems at home or at work.

Read the full report here, or check out some of the most egregious examples of Twitter TMI-- tweets that shared much too much.

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