05/17/2010 06:41 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Help Us Cover The May 18th Primaries

Tomorrow, May 18th, there are primaries taking place in Arkansas, Kentucky, Oregon and Pennsylvania, and we need your help to cover them!

Here are the many ways you can participate:

1) Pictures and Video: Take your camera and capture the best images from the primary. Protest signs and banners make for good photographs. We also encourage our journalists to video people who are lining up to vote! Interview voters, see what motivates them. Try and edit the content to less than five minutes in length. You can upload your videos directly to HuffPost's YouTube channel below.

2) Tweet the Facts: It's impossible to give an exhaustive report in 140 characters, but Twitter's short form is great for quickly getting across real-time facts and observations. Using your cell phone or mobile device, you can "tweet" the approximate attendance or a choice quote. IMPORTANT: We'll only see your tweets if you include #huffpost in ALL of your messages. (Sign up for an account with Twitter here.)

3) Pen and Pad Reporting: We definitely want to know the basics: how many people were in attendance? Where there any prominent people there, and what did they say? We're also interested in understanding what kind of people showed up and who they voted for -- so feel free to ask them if you feel comfortable doing so.

We are asking for dispatches to be no more than 500 words. Email your report to submissions@huffingtonpost.com by noon on May 19th.

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