05/17/2010 02:05 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Joslyn James SLAMS Rachel Uchitel As Tiger Woods' Ladies Clash

One alleged Tiger Woods mistress unloaded on another over the weekend, as the war of words between the two became increasingly heated. Joslyn James, the porn star who will soon recreate her alleged affair on film, trashed sultry VIP hostess Rachel Uchitel, the first woman named as part of the golfer's massive sex scandal.

In an email to TMZ, James said she finds "it extremely funny that [Uchitel] is choosing to bash me in saying I am now making a career for myself from Tiger.... She got PAID from Tiger to keep her mouth shut." Uchitel reportedly received as much as $10 million from Woods' camp in exchange for her silence about their relationship.

Uchitel, who is said to be gunning for her own TV show, has been a key part of actor David Boreanaz's unfolding affair spectacle. On Friday, she spoke with TMZ and said she would have handled matters differently than Joslyn James has.

Since claiming to have slept with Woods, the adult actress has made sure she remains in the public spotlight. She has held numerous press conferences (with power lawyer Gloria Allred, who has also worked for Uchitel). In March she released a lengthy set of extremely graphic text messages that she claims Woods sent her, containing a heavy dose of sexually charged language. She has also taken her show on the road, stripping near Woods' golf tournaments.

In April James became involved in the alleged domestic violence incident involving Tito Ortiz and porn star Jenna Jameson.

UPDATE: In a tweet, James slimes "Cockuchitel" and her "bed hopping talents." Scroll down to see:

Ha Ha "Cockuchitel" was so well known before she came out with her bed hopping talents LOLless than a minute ago via web


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