Newsweek Writer: My Experiment With A Twitter Profile Of Michele Bachmann

07/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

My editor had just stepped into my office to discuss a new assignment. The NEWSWEEK brass is interested in Twitter, he told me, but they're looking for an original way to cover it--which is where you come in. OK, I thought. Fine. For a youngish reporter like me, this is standard operating procedure. We are expected to understand things like technology, the Internet, and Justin Bieber's hairstyle. But as my boss got more specific about the sort of story he wanted, I began to worry. "I'm thinking you should write a 'Twitter profile' of Michele Bachmann," he said, referring to the outspoken, ultraconservative Republican congresswoman from Minnesota who has accused Barack Obama of being "anti-American" and asked her supporters to "slit their wrists" and be "blood brothers" to defeat health-care reform. "Fly up there, follow her around, tweet as you go. Then we'll publish an annotated version of your Twitter feed in the magazine. Could be kind of fun."


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