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Pennsylvania Senate Primary RESULTS

First Posted: 05/18/10 10:29 PM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 05:30 PM ET

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Republicans, Dems Press White House On Sestak Job Offer
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Republicans and Democrats pressured the White House on Tuesday to disclose whether it offered a federal job to Pennsylvania Rep. Joe Sestak if he would drop his Senate primary challenge against Democratic incumbent Arlen Specter.

Sestak has said repeatedly that he received an offer to join the Obama administration if he abandoned the race against Specter, who had switched from Republican to Democrat last year and was the White House's preferred candidate.

Republicans have criticized the offer, saying it was grossly inappropriate and demanding an explanation from the administration.

Sestak said he rejected the job offer. Last Tuesday, he defeated the five-term Specter, capturing the party nomination.

White House officials have insisted that "nothing inappropriate" took place. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs declined to say if Sestak was offered a job, but did say on Sunday that White House lawyers and others have looked into the matter. Political adviser David Axelrod hinted that the White House might have more to say.

"I don't think that any questions will be left unanswered on this," Axelrod said during a Monday appearance on CNN.

That hasn't quieted the calls for the administration, which frequently says it is the most transparent in history, to make a full disclosure.

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-- AP
Posted: 05/25 08:12 PM
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