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Thai Government Breaks Through Red Shirt Camp Barriers; 2 Dead

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BANGKOK — An Associated Press reporter has seen the bodies of two people in the protest zone in central Bangkok as Thai troops stormed into the camp.

One man in a black shirt had blood coming from his head. There was another man nearby who appeared to have been shot in the upper body area.

The AP reporter followed troops who punched a hole through the protest encampment's barricade on Wednesday in a major assault after seven days of clashes that have left 39 people dead.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below.

BANGKOK (AP) – Four armored personnel carriers have entered an anti-government encampment in central Bangkok, punching a hole in the tire-and-bamboo barricades and driving in with troops behind them.

About 100 troops took up positions along the wall of central Lumpini Park and trained their guns inside. The armored personnel carriers provided the troops cover. But there were no protesters in sight, and the troops did not fire.

The troops moved past smoldering fires, apparently set by retreating protesters.

The assault marked the first significant push into the protest zone in the crackdown that began before Wednesday.