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Tim Tebow Batting Practice Legend Confirmed By Memphis Baseball Coach

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Just when you thought the legend of Tim Tebow couldn't get any bigger, he pulls a stunt that seems straight out of the movie The Natural. Tebow, who was recently in Memphis to work out away from the media glare of Gainesville and his new home base of Denver, stopped by a local high school and proceeded to wow the school's baseball coaches.

On a whim after his 4-hour workout, Tebow took batting practice at the school's baseball field, where he hit 12 of 15 pitches over the home run fence.

Memphis University School baseball coach Kyle Finney, who was throwing the pitches, confirmed the legend to ESPN, and even said that Tebow probably hit more than 12 out of the park.

Let's just hope Tebow is as impressive on the football field in Denver as he was on the diamond in Memphis.