05/19/2010 02:24 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Fortune Valley Casino: $42 Million Jackpot Actually $20.18

An investigation by The Colorado Division of Gaming determined that the correct prize for a woman's $42.9 million slot machine jackpot is actually $20.18.

In late March, a Colorado woman at Fortune Valley Casino in Central City received a false jackpot message when her penny slot machine announced a winnings of $42.9 million -- far more than the posted sum of $251, 000.

The woman, Louise Chavez, says she's owed the full jackpot. A spokesman for the Colorado Gaming Division, however, said the top prize was clearly posted in the casino and as such Chavez's winnings are attributable only to a software glitch.

Fortune Valley Casino had previously paid Chavez $23.43 for her prize, including $10 in unused credit still in the slot machine. Her $7 of unpaid winnings will be paid by the slot machine manufacturer, WMS Gaming.