FOX News Anchor Neil Cavuto Tells Michael Steele: 'Everybody Hates You' (VIDEO)

05/19/2010 07:01 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

"Everybody hates you." That's what Neil Cavuto of Fox News told RNC Chairman Michael Steele on Wednesday. Cavuto was quick to say his verbal barb was just a joke.

Talking about Tuesday's defeat of Kentucky Republican Senate candidate Trey Grayson at the hands of Tea Party-backed political novice Rand Paul, Cavuto asked Steele if "there's a little bad blood" between the GOP and the Tea Party movement.

"I'm telling you as the national chairman of the party, there's no bad blood between the Republican National Committee and the Tea Parties," Steele responded.

Cavuto wasn't buying it. At rallies he attended, Cavuto said the message he got from conservatives was clear: "Republicans aren't our guys, the establishment ain't our guys

The chairman then took a minute to try to distance himself from the larger GOP "establishment."

"Please do not mix the Republican party establishment -- I don't even know who that is by the way..." Steele said.

"You, you, you," Cavuto interrupted. "You, you, you, you, you."

WATCH the video: