05/19/2010 08:55 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Kate Moss Naked Pictures Set To Sell At $43,000 At Auction (NSFW PHOTOS)

Update 5/24: According to Amateur Photographer, Christie's failed to sell the photos at its auction. Read more here.


A set of photographs of Kate Moss crouched into a ball while nude is set to sell for $43,000 at a Christie's auction, Bloomberg reports. The photographs are part of a blown-up contact sheet taken by Albert Watson in Marrakech in 1993. There are fourteen pictures total, which will hit the block in London on May 21.

"It's an image that appeals far beyond the specialist world of photography," said Philippe Garner, Christie's international head of photograph sales. "Kate Moss is one of the lasting emblems of this age's ideal of beauty."

Want to see what you can't afford? Here's an employee studying the photos: