Colbert Champions Hummer Conservationists (VIDEO): 'I Love Getting Out, Smelling The Air'

05/20/2010 12:31 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Amid all the talk of energy-saving and new fuel-efficiency standards, there's one precious resource that's in danger of going extinct-- the Hummer. The gas-guzzling car took an even bigger hit in February when GM announced that it would be discontinuing the brand. Stephen Colbert spotlighted Hummer owners that are working to save the dying breed on his show Thursday night as part of his series on Difference Makers.

The National Hummer Club, a group of Hummer conservationists, are not deterred by anti-Hummer sentiment, driving full speed ahead. And they're no environment haters-- Hummer owners love the Earth, too.

"I love getting out, smelling the air," one Hummer owner said.

"Look, Alaska's a big place, we just just want to drill a couple little holes," another said.

The Hummer owners themselves also face persecution, Colbert reported. One claimed to have received "funny looks," and another had mean "notes" left on his vehicle.

WATCH Colbert's full parody:

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