Kansas Budget Error Could Cost State Higher Ed $3.6 MILLION

05/20/2010 02:47 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

An simple error in Kansas' state budget bill could cost the state's higher education fund $3.6 million.

The Associated Press reports:

The amendment from Rep. Don Hill, R-Emporia, was intended to add $3.6 million to the higher education budget. But an error by legislative staff drafting the amendment did the opposite -- actually reducing the budget by that amount.

If the amendment is passed without being corrected, higher education funds would be rendered ineligible for additional stimulus money.

Gov. Mark Parkinson has been asked to line-item veto the section of the bill.

If Parkinson vetoes the provision, it would remove all the lapsing funds and actually increase higher education funding beyond the intention of Legislature. To solve this issue, Robinson recommends that Parkinson true up the "lapse language" in the supplemental appropriations bill put together in the fall.

A spokesman for Parkinson said the governor will review every proviso in the budget before taking action.

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