05/21/2010 09:44 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Barnes & Noble Reexamines Business Model As Physical Bookstores Fail (POLL)

The Wall Street Journal has a report today on Barnes & Noble's changing business plan as physical bookstores seem to become less and less viable. As eBook sales rise, comprising an exponentially larger portion of book sales each year, bricks-and-morter bookstores are struggling to keep up.

"The store model is under pressure, whichever way you look at it," acknowledges Leonard Riggio, Barnes & Noble's 69-year-old chairman and largest shareholder. Over the next three to four years, Mr. Riggio says, a different, more diverse Barnes & Noble retail store will evolve, selling a variety of merchandise and serving as a showcase for digital products.

What do you think? Should Barnes & Noble move away from their traditional physical bookstore model to keep up with the evolving digital world? Or do you think that bookstores have a fighting chance? Vote in the poll below: