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Chris Myers Apology: Katrina Comments Get Fox Sportscaster In Hot Water

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NEW ORLEANS — Fox broadcaster Chris Myers apologized Thursday to the people of New Orleans for disparaging remarks he made about the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu sent a letter to Fox Sports president Ed Goren demanding the apology from Myers for comments made Monday on the Dan Patrick Radio Show. Myers talked about the flood victims in Tennessee pulling together to help themselves, instead of standing on roof tops and blaming the government – an obvious reference to Katrina victims.

The mayor, in his letter dated Thursday, said he was especially disappointed in what he called "offensive and unacceptable" comments by Myers, because Myers once lived and worked in New Orleans.

"I would very much like to apologize to you and the people of New Orleans for the inappropriate and insensitive remarks I made this past Monday," Myers said. "Clearly, these remarks demonstrated poor judgment and I sincerely regret making them."

Landrieu also said it's not about Nashville versus New Orleans. And he said anyone who tries to draw that comparison is being divisive and reckless.

Myers noted he spent six years living and working in New Orleans. "It will always be a special place to me and my family, and I certainly would never want to offend the people of this terrific city. I wish you and every citizen of New Orleans nothing but my very best and I hope the entire city can forgive me and accept my deepest apology."

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