iPad Revolution? Maybe, But There's Still Much To Be Said For Kindle (New York Review)

05/21/2010 02:18 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Sue Halpern The New York Review of Books

When Steve Jobs projected the image of the iPad after his damned-with-faint-praise nod to the Kindle, the Kindle looked comically out of date, a relic, like a black-and-white TV next to a fifty-eight-inch plasma HDTV. As an analyst for the investment bank Needham and Company put it a week after the iPad went on sale and nearly half a million units flew out the door, the Kindle is "not a compelling product."14 Even so, he and a number of other forecasters estimated that upward of three million of them would be sold in the coming year. (According to Apple, a million iPads were sold in the first month.)

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