05/25/2010 03:37 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Writer Spends 24 Hours Inside Of A Starbucks (VIDEO)

It takes a certain kind of person to willingly spend 24 hours in a chain store. That comedy writer Bayan Rabbani followed up his 24 hours in a Walmart with a full day in a Houston Starbucks (hat tip to The Consumerist) has got to make him one of the foremost experts in the late-night mood at America's most ubiquitous stores.

Rabbani, who was actually fired from a Starbucks during his teen years, tells his story through a series of Tweets. The saga isn't so much about Starbucks's service, as it is about its clientele. One Starbucks patron was particularly chatty about his sexual explorations:

"This is Joel. He told me "having a good camera will get you laid -- a lot." Thanks Joel. 1:01 AM May 13th via Twitterrific

Later, Rabbani begins to feel the after-effects of a steady stream of caffeine:

"A customer just told me "the reason you're hurting is cause your body is making too much penicillin." when I told him I'm crashing. 10:48 AM"

Finally, after 24 long hours, Rabbani tallies up his last day:

"24 HOURS, 19 RESTROOM BREAKS, 25 DRINKS! I DID IT!!!! 12:03 AM May 14th"

The Houston Chronicle spoke to Rabbani during his ninth hour of the journey. WATCH their short clip:

Check out the entire saga at Follow his Twitter feed here.