05/25/2010 10:35 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Chuck DeVore, California Senate Candidate, Pretends Jack Bauer Really Exists In Strange Campaign Ad (VIDEO)

Chuck DeVore, perennial also-ran in the race for the GOP nomination to run against Barbara Boxer for the California Senate, continues to plague the world with his overall awfulness. The latest is this astoundingly goofy advertisement that attempts to farm synergy with the popular series "24". It begins with DeVore pretending that he received military training with the show's fictional character, Jack Bauer...

You know, let me just stop right there.

Yes. This campaign ad actually pretends that "Jack Bauer" was a real person that Chuck DeVore once knew. It goes on to describe a bunch of perfectly decent accomplishments with ridiculously outsized heroic pomp, including a single instance where DeVore mowed his lawn (yes, I'm serious). And then it asks you to consider what candidate "Jack Bauer" would support in the California Senate election. And on any given day, that would make for a fairly stupid campaign ad. But really, again, THIS AD PRETENDS THAT "JACK BAUER" IS A REAL PERSON THAT CHUCK DEVORE ONCE KNEW.

I mean, why not go all in and tell voters that you were in the Dharma Initiative and pushed a button in "the Hatch" in order to save the world?


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