Marc Jacobs Gets Hair Transplant, Says He Isn't Married

05/26/2010 08:31 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Telegraph UK caught up with Marc Jacobs to discuss the opening of the new Louis Vuitton store in London, and we learned a ton...about Jacobs' personal life.

First of all, he said that he and boyfriend Lorenzo Martone remain unwed.

"No, we're not married, despite what you read. I hope to, at some point, but, at the moment, I'm married to my work."

But they are still together, seeing as Jacobs was "40 minutes late for our interview because he was shopping for antiques for the town house he's renovating for the two of them in downtown New York," according to Hilary Alexander.

Then there's the issue of hair transplants--Jacobs just had one! Alexander notices something different about the designer:

He's in his usual uniform of white shirt and black pleated kilt, and the gym-honed physique is evident, as is the tan, the stubble, the diamond ear-studs and the tattoos peeking out above his boots. But it's his hair: it's not inky-black any more, or cobalt-blue. "It's brown," he says. "I've just had a hair transplant. I was starting to thin on top, see," as he obligingly bends his head down. "I can't dye it for a while, so this is my natural colour."

He plays it off as part of getting older--but we still think Jacobs looks good. Check out this image of him naked and oiled up for his new fragrance Bang.

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