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German Millionaire Dieter Bock Chokes To Death On Food From Own Restaurant

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Dieter Bock, German business tycoon and owner of the five-star Atlantic Hotel in Hamburg, was found dead at the luxury hotel on the morning of May 12. News of the 71-year-old's death was made public today, and the cause of death? A £35 fillet steak, ordered via room service. Chambermaids found him the following morning.

Reuters reports:

"It was an accident," said Hamburg police's Holger Vehren. "He choked. Rescue crews tried without success to revive him."

Bock, worth an estimated 600 million euros ($736.8 million), owned a string of famous hotels that included the 250-room Atlantic Hotel, which has housed guests such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Andre Agassi and Placido Domingo, and where much of "Tomorrow Never Dies" was filmed.

Yet another reason why ordering room service can be dangerous.

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