05/28/2010 08:26 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Brooklyn Decker Talks Spray Tans And 'War Paint'

SI Swimsuit Issue cover girl Brooklyn Decker couldn't be more blasé about makeup. She told Elle that when she's off-duty, she'll wear "mascara and a rosy color to make my lips pop--that's it," and that if it were up to her husband Andy Roddick, "I wouldn't wear any makeup. He calls it war paint when I have a lot on for work."

She also talked about her Sports Illustrated shoot, which "was all about spray tans and sunscreen."

Being on the beach is all about looking natural, so there wasn't a lot of makeup. The makeup artists smudged some eyeliner on our eyes, applied a little lip balm and maybe a dab of color on our cheeks if we needed it. We didn't use any concealer or foundation because that's just not going to be cute at three in the afternoon when the sun's melting your face off.

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