Katherine Heigl Chokes Up On 'Tonight Show' (VIDEO)

05/28/2010 07:48 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Katherine Heigl's voice cracked as she remembered her late brother on Thursday's 'Tonight Show.'

After talking about daughter Naleigh and becoming a mother herself, Heigl described how, until she became a mom, she never understood how horrible it was for her own mother to lose Heigl's brother 20 years ago in a car wreck.

"This is so awful, I'm sorry," Heigl apologized, choking up as she recounted the story and talked about "the overwhelming need to keep her [Naleigh] safe."

She also said her daughter, who used to be a great sleeper and happily play for hours alone, has become more demanding.

Heigl is doing the rounds to promote her apparently awful movie 'Killers.'

WATCH (The choke up is 4:05 in):

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