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Ken Starr's Celebrity Clients: From Uma To Sly (PHOTOS)

Huffington Post     First Posted: 05/28/10 06:27 PM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 05:35 PM ET

Step aside, Bernie!

While Madoff's Ponzi scheme involved billions of dollars and a few well-known victims, Ken Starr and his $30 million fraud scheme has the upper hand in at least one respect -- celebrities.

The New York financial adviser arrested this week for a scheme using his clients' money to purchase a fancy Manhattan apartment was the go-to adviser for wealthy entertainers, earning the trust of Ron Howard, Martin Scorsese, Uma Thurman, Sylvester Stallone and numerous others. Starr used his access to the stars to "burnish an image of trustworthiness," according to the criminal complaint filed by federal prosecutors.

Here are some of Starr's celebrity clients and their stories:

Uma Thurman
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The “actress” named in the criminal report against Ken Starr, Thurman became suspicious when she realized that $1 million was missing from an account.
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