Colorado LOSERS Of The Week (PHOTOS, POLL)

05/29/2010 03:27 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The week wasn't kind to all Colorado newsmakers. A few will be eager to put the last week's events behind them. Check out our picks for Colorado Losers of the Week. Also, see what you think about our list of winners.

Douglas Bruce: The Tabor author and Colorado political pariah had his cover blown this week when a witness identified him as a leader behind three anti-tax ballot initiatives. Bruce has tried to distance himself from the initiatives, which have been opposed by Democrats, most Republicans and business groups. His troubles didn't end there, though. The Attorney General's office suggested the Colorado Springs lawyer may be held in contempt of court for failure to comply with a court order that he testify in a civil suit that alleges campaign finance violations on the part of the ballot initiative's organizers.

Ken Ross: It's hard to imagine a worse PR week for Pinnacol, Colorado's quasi-state-run insurance provider. CEO Ken Ross was caught by KGMH reporter Tony Kovaleski treating salesmen and board members to a lavish golf outing at the exclusive Pebble Beach Resort. Ross says that such outings are standard industry practice. The problem? In addition to Ross's less-than-cordial treatment of Kovaleski, Pinnacol enjoys many benefits of a state-owned enterprise. Ross's actions have prompted calls for his resignation, and a rebuke from the Governor.

John Suthers: Perhaps the last name a candidate wants to be associated with is that of a notorious serial killer. But that's exactly the situation the incumbent Attorney General finds himself in. A Denver Post article on Sunday painted a damning picture of then-U.S. attorney Suthers's approval of the release of Scott Kimball as part of a deal whereby Kimball was to act as an informant in a drug case. Once-freed, Kimball would go on to commit at least 4 murders.

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