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Food 52's Best French Toast, Minestrone Soup Showdowns: Vote For The Best Dish

First Posted: 06/01/10 01:06 PM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 05:40 PM ET

For the past 48 weeks, readers have been voting in weekly showdowns of reader-submitted recipes on a given theme. The winning recipes of each week will end up in Food52's upcoming cookbook, along with bios of the people who submitted them (Food52 explains the process in simple detail here).

This week, Food52 and its co-founders Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs have invited you, fun-loving HuffPost Food readers, to vote on Week 49's finalists.

Week 49's two showdowns are for the best french toast and minestrone/soupe au pistou recipes.

Check the finalists out below, and vote for your favorite in both categories here.

Food52 Best French Toast Contest Finalist: "Weekend French Toast"
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Amanda and Merrill's notes on "Weekend French Toast" at

A few well-chosen ingredients go a long way in this simple but gratifying recipe. Cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and just a touch of brown sugar are added to the egg and milk, which also happens to be spiked with rum (fineartdaily specifies a "generous dollop," which we took to mean 2-3 tablespoons). Day old slices of French bread go for a swim in this heady custard and are then quickly browned on both sides; the recipe calls for an oiled pan, but we like to add a bit of butter at the end for extra flavor. A couple of pieces of this French toast and a little maple syrup are all you need to start the weekend off right. - A&M

View the "Weekend French Toast" recipe here.

Vote for this recipe here.

(Photo: Sarah Shatz)
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