Oil Spill Impacts (VIDEO): Gulf Restoration Network Explores Affected Wildlife, Communities

06/01/2010 04:17 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Gulf Restoration Network, a 15-year-old environmental network that exclusively covers the health of the Gulf, has launched a weekly series focusing on the BP oil spill. The series, titled, Gulf Tides: Monitoring BP's Oil Drilling Disaster, is narrated by actor Tim Robbins and looks at the spill's effects on the Gulf coast's wildlife and communities.

This installment explores some of the wildlife most affected by the oil spill, as well as those in the fishing business whose livelihoods have been rendered nonexistent.

"My business was fine two months ago, three months ago," Mike Lane, of, told the GRN. "My income will effectively be zero next month because my income is derived from charter fishermen, marinas, and that type of thing where they rely on me to generate business for them."


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