06/01/2010 09:19 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Earth At Night In Relation To Population Distribution (VIDEO)

The ways in which we design maps betrays a lot about how we view the world and what characteristics we focus on. In a twist to our conventional way of laying out the world, geographer Benjamin David Hennig re-imagines the Earth at night:

The following map is a reprojection of the earth at night that shows the nightview in relation to the population distribution. The gridlines are kept in a light colour and thus allow to identify those areas where the lines converge (representing the unpopulated regions). In contrast, the populated areas are given the most space, so that one can easily see which populated areas are literally illuminated at night - and where there are people living in darkness.

Check out a larger larger version of the map HERE, and watch a Royal Geographical Society lecture utilizing the map below.

WATCH: (via Daily Dish)