Batman Arrested In Hollywood

06/03/2010 02:53 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Found via NBC LA, comes this unlikely footage of a somewhat disheveled looking Batman being taken away by the LAPD In front of the Hollywood and Highland complex.

While it is legal for Hollywood street performers to accept tips, they are prohibited from actively soliciting money. What might to some seem an arbitrary distinction is in fact a very serious matter to the Hollywood Entertainment District, which has seen a rise in complaints over the past five years about the costumed characters.

In a sweep of the area, undercover agents charged the superheroes with loitering and impeding the flow of traffic, and by the end of the day less than six performers remained on the tourist saturated strip.

The city is considering a new ordinance to deal with the problem, but as Gordon Tokumatsu ominously concludes in his report, the era of the costumed character on Hollywood blvd. might be coming to an end.

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