06/03/2010 11:43 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Mariah Carey Pregnant? Nick Cannon Names Their Children

Mariah Carey may or may not be pregnant, but husband Nick Cannon has the baby names picked out.

"We're gonna do it like George Foreman," Nick, 29, said on his morning radio show. "We're gonna name all of our kids Mariah no matter if they're boys or girls. Mariah No. 1, Boy Mariah, Man Mariah, Tall Mariah. It's gonna be a house full of people named Mariah."

Mariah, 40, dropped out of Tyler Perry's new film last week but didn't say why.

"She is not doing the movie because her doctor advised her not to," her rep told Us Weekly. "More than that I cannot comment further."

Nick took to Twitter Wednesday to not comment on the pregnancy rumors.

"If & when my wife is ready to make ANY announcements about private matters she will do it personally. Thanks for being respectful GodBless," he wrote. "My heart goes out to any woman who has to deal with public scrutiny and speculation pertaining to their private life REAL TALK!"