06/04/2010 09:53 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Justin Bieber Fans Camp Out For 2 Days For Concert Tickets

Bailey Hostermain and her friend Connor Bryan, both 14, were among the roughly 400 fans already in line Thursday evening to see tween pop sensation Justin Bieber perform live at Rockefeller Center Friday morning.

Hostermain and Bryan, both from central Pennsylvania, were the first ones in the line, which snaked down the middle of W. 48th Street to Fifth Avenue. They've been camped out at the same spot since 3 p.m. Wednesday -- and they didn't plan on moving until after seeing their idol perform.

"I like his music," said Hostermain. "It's really inspirational."

Evelyn Lubrano drove her 15-year-old daughter Rebecka to the city from Long Island to see the show. She said she planned on taking walks around Manhattan while her daughter and a friend held their spots in line.

"My husband thinks I'm crazy, but it's fun," said Lubrano, who added that Bieber seemed like a nice young man.

New Jersey high school seniors Sinaid Byrne, 18, and Becca Jude, 18, have such intense Bieber fever they're willing to miss their senior prom for the opportunity to see the tween sensation perform live.

"He's totally worth missing prom for!" Jude told DNAinfo.

"We left school early today, we're missing school tomorrow, and because of it, we're missing our prom tomorrow night. But we've been planning this whole thing for three months, so it'll be worth it."

Bieber is scheduled to take the stage at Rockefeller Center at 7 a.m. for a taping of NBC's "Today" show.