06/06/2010 05:30 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Oprah Upsets Homeless Heroes Who Exposed Ex-Food Network Chef's Murder-For-Hire Case

TMZ reports that Oprah has become fascinated by the unsuccessful murder-for-hire case in Los Angeles involving ex-Food Network personality Juan Carlos Cruz, formerly the host of "Calorie Commando."

Cruz was arrested in May after some homeless men told the Santa Monica Police Department that they were solicited by Cruz to help kill his wife, Jennifer L. Campbell, 47, a lawyer, and then assisted in the investigation.

Cruz has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder and solictiation of murder, and could face life in conviction if convicted.

And Oprah, apparently, is fascinated by the whole thing and wants to arrange a jail interview with Cruz, reported TMZ:

The story certainly got Oprah's attention. We're told Oprah's peeps reached out to Cruz's reps for an interview. We're told Cruz hasn't responded ... so far.

In so doing, TMZ now reports that she has greatly upset the homeless men, at the center of exposing the plot, who say they, not the attempted murder suspect, deserve to be on her show:

According to Homeless Shane -- he and his band of "Homeless Heroes" feel snubbed that O would "rather interview some lame chef instead of three homeless guys that helped save someone's life."

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