06/07/2010 11:57 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

New iPhone HD Features: Front-Facing Camera, Glass Back, 5 Megapixel Camera

SEATTLE (AP) -- After a series of leaked prototypes, it's almost a given that Apple Inc. will unveil a new version of the iPhone during its annual software developers conference on Monday in San Francisco.

Apple won't comment on its plans, but it has used this conference to launch the last two generations of its smart phone.

The Guardian reports that the company will "probably" call the new version, the iPhone HD.

In addition to Apple's upgrades to device's resolution and battery life, other tweaks are likely to include:

• A 5 megapixel camera

• Glass back for better reception

• Micro-Sim cards

• 64G or 32G of storage

• Front-facing camera for video chat

In April, Gizmodo, a tech blog, paid $5,000 to obtain a working iPhone prototype that was lost by an Apple engineer in a Silicon Valley bar. Apple didn't say the prototype represented the next model of the iPhone, but if the descriptions posted online are accurate, the device will be getting a clearer display, longer battery life. It's also likely to have the updated iPhone software Apple previewed in April that makes it easier for users to run more than one program at a time.

On Monday, AT&T Inc., the sole carrier of the iPhone in the U.S., stopped letting new customers use an unlimited amount of wireless data for a flat fee. Instead, in an attempt to reduce iPhone-driven congestion on its network, AT&T offered plans that will cost the biggest users of data more money.