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Jonathan Alter On Colbert: FDR Had It Easier Than Obama (VIDEO)

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Jonathan Alter got the "Colbert bump" last night when he appeared on "The Colbert Report" to talk about his new book "The Promise," a detailed account of Barack Obama's first year in office. He spoke about the high expectations that people had for Obama as he came into office, and said that the president has been largely successful despite growing criticism. Alter maintained that we could very well be in a deep depression right now if Obama hadn't been president in the onslaught of the recession.

Alter was very clear that he believes that Obama came into office in one of the most difficult situations of any president the country has ever had. FDR, he said, had it easier than Obama. Obama was "left to run a shovel brigade," Alter said, like the people who clean up after the elephants at a circus. "You liberals sure have salty talk!" Colbert responded.


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