Meg Whitman Victory Speech: Portion Of Text Discovered (VIDEO)

06/08/2010 09:30 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

What might a Meg Whitman victory speech sound like? A sample has been leaked.

The California GOP gubernatorial candidate and former eBay CEO plans to call her opponent Steve Poizner "gracious" in defeat according to a snippet from her victory speech that a San Francisco Chronicle reporter uncovered.

Whitman is to say, "Thank you so much ... What a great night! This victory is yours! I just received a very gracious phone call from Steve Poizner conceding the race."

How's that for electoral confidence?

The Poizner campaign has already responded, the Chronicle notes. Spokesman Jarrod Agen said, "Meg's words have been disingenuous this entire campaign, why stop now?"

Check out this video of the teleprompter with the Meg Whitman victory speech text here:

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