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Victoria's Secret? Photoshop! Twelve Airbrushed Angel FAILS (PHOTOS, POLL)

First Posted: 06/08/2010 12:24 pm   Updated: 05/25/2011 4:40 pm

If there's anything Victoria's Secret has taught us, it's female anatomy. We've studied the Angels' bodies atop the catwalk, we've learned to love our bodies, we've tackled the question "what is sexy?" and we've discovered that 20 layers of butt makeup can do wonders.

But it seems that even Victoria, the self-confident, sartorial sage, might be a little overzealous in the airbrushing department. We've rounded up a dozen of the lingerie brand's Photoshop fails. Which of the images are totally blotched? And which don't look that bad?

Thanks to Photoshop Disasters for the inspiration.

Pleated sleeveless halter playdress
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The leg bone is not connected to the hip bone.
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Filed by Hilary Moss  |