Free Shakespeare In The Park Tickets For A Price

06/09/2010 09:08 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Got a hankering for some Shakespeare, but short on time?

Well a group of crafty (and patient) entrepreneurs are willing to wait on the hours-long line for this season's Shakespeare in the Park show for you, but for a price.

It'll cost you between $75 and $125 to cool your feet while other theater patrons queue up, money some would say is well spent. Especially to Al Pacino's "Merchant of Venice", which opens today.

From the Daily News:

Organizers of the Central Park series are complaining that selling free tickets goes against the spirit of the annual event and they're now threatening to ban offenders.

The cops, who have in recent months ratcheted up the rules against ticket scalping, describe these seat-sellers "as unlicensed general vendors and may be subject to summons or arrest." But, they allow, this pay-for-play is still very difficult to enforce and a gray area, with no investigations or arrests on record.

So unlike most nefarious Shakespeare characters, you'll probably get away with this scot free.

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