06/09/2010 04:02 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Orly Taitz, Mickey Kaus And Fringe Candidate Comedy In California

Lots of people are having great fun with last night's results in California, in which professional vexatious litigant and birther dentist Orly Taitz managed to wring more votes from Californians as a candidate for Secretary of State than Slate blogger Mickey Kaus did running against Barbara Boxer.

Dave Weigel led the way on Twitter last night, and this morning, Alex Pareene rounds it up in the Salon Room Of War:

With 100% of precincts partially or fully reporting, War Room can officially declare Orly Taitz more popular and credible than Mickey Kaus. By a lot.

In her race for the GOP nomination for California secretary of state, Birther Queen Taitz, a dentist/attorney whose pet cause is filing frivolous lawsuits challenging the president's natural-born status, received 372,490 votes.

In his race to unseat Democratic US Senator Barbara Boxer, Kaus, a longtime blogger whose pet cause is hating unions and immigrants, received 94,298 votes.

What I'd be curious to know is how many Californians wrote in "That Cardboard Box That Mickey Kaus Debated". I thought the box really held up well under the pressures of a big campaign debate.

Anyway, for Taitz's next trick, she will be pursuing some sort of legal discovery against artist Dan Lacey, the "painter of pancakes" who immortalized Taitz by painting her birthing pancakes -- surely the most flattering depiction of Taitz in recent memory. Naturally, Taitz wants to get to the bottom of how much money George Soros paid Lacey for this, and really, who wouldn't?

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