06/10/2010 09:31 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

How To Live Like A "Gossip Girl" (VIDEO)

Not everyone can be as genetically blessed as Serena and Blair. But with a little help you too can live the life of one of "Manhattan's elite."

First step: caffeinate at Via Quadronno, where a latte is just short of five dollars.

Next stop: the site of the fictional Constance Billard, the ritzy private school where Gossip Girls foster their intellectual curiosity. When visiting, one could take the opportunity to pray for a more promising next season: the building houses a Russian Orthodox Church.

What do our favorite Gossip Girls do after a long day of academics? They generally make-out with one another, but before that they participate in the classic Upper East Side pastime of underage drinking. Oddly enough, the video suggests you head to the Upper West Side to do it, namely to the Hudson Hotel, where Blair notoriously seduces Marcus to win the affection of Chuck. Oh those Gossip Girls and their sneaky antics!