06/11/2010 08:09 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Indiana College Town Boycotts Arizona

The town of Bloomington, Indiana has announced it will boycott Arizona because of their illegal immigration policy.

Bloomington, home to Indiana University's flagship campus, last issued a boycott of the state in 1993 when its voters decided not to recognize Martin Luther King Jr. day.

The Indiana Daily Student has more on the current protest:

The boycott includes not sending city members to meetings in Arizona, refusing to enter contracts with companies that are Arizona-based and reviewing current contracts with companies in Bloomington whose corporate offices are in Arizona.

By stamping and sending a letter of intent to boycott, Bloomington joins the ranks of communities including Boulder, Colo., Los Angeles, Seattle, Oakland, Calif., San Francisco, Boston and St. Paul, Minn., that have also implemented boycotts against Arizona.

Councilwoman Susan Sandberg said the boycott was more of a "symbolic measure."

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