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Table Scraps: Food & Drink News You Might've Missed

First Posted: 06/11/10 05:55 PM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 05:45 PM ET

Presenting the third installment of "Table Scraps": Where we suck the tasty marrow out of the past week's food & drink news. (Check out the inaugural addition here, and last week's here. Both still fun!)

In defense of liquid smoke
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Epicurious writer Regina Schrambling fires back at Josh Ozersky, coming to the defense of liquid smoke, which Ozersky derided as:

an "unnatural and oxymoronic" "evil fluid"

"the most immediately recognizable bad flavor known to man," and

"redolent simultaneously of creasote, formaldehyde, termite mounds, the tears of mendacious orphans, crawlspaces, the acidic musk of old age homes, guano caves, vinegar, and bad barbecue"

Schrambling believes there's nothing wrong with the tricky ingredient in moderation and in specific instances.

(Photo from Flickr: bossco)
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