06/12/2010 06:13 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

LA's Losers Of The Week, June 11

A weekly rundown of the weeks big losers. For the winners click HERE.

USC Football: Stripped of their national championship and barred from postseason play, it is the current USC athletes that must pay the price for the misdoings of their organization.

Steve Poizner: Close does not count in politics, and In a climate in which millions of dollars are a requisite for any serious campaign, big spenders can sometimes be the biggest losers. In this regard, gubernatorial candidate Steve Poizner was the big loser of the primaries, spending $29.3 million, or $63 per voter, to finish a distant second to Meg Whitman. Other big spenders that came up short included former Facebook privacy czar Chris Kelly, Prop 16 sponsored by PG&E, and Prop 17 by Mercury insurance.

NBC/Universal/Comcast: The proposed merger of these media titans was put in a glaring spotlight this week, at a special hearing held by the House Judiciary committee at the California Science Center. In a scathing line of questioning led by Rep Maxine Waters, allegations of bribery, a lack of diversity, and even comparisons to BP demonstrated the growing skepticism among the public towards media consolidation, and the need for tough regulatory scrutiny.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: As a lame duck entering the final months of his tenure, all Schwarzenegger has to do is lay low and not make any high-profile blunders. Oh well.