06/14/2010 09:49 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Harry Reid Campaign Ad Slams Sharron Angle Over Social Security, Scientology (VIDEO)

On the heels of Sharron's Angle's win in Nevada's Republican primary, Senate Majority Harry Reid rolled out an attack ad assailing his newly-minted GOP opponent.

The 30-second spot from Reid's camp accentuates some of Angle's most controversial views: the Tea Party-backed candidate's suggestion to eliminate Social Security and Medicare, while advocating for a Scientology-based drug rehabilitation program -- with massages and saunas as part of treatment -- to be implemented in Nevada prisons.

"Social security, it means independence, a secure income, but shockingly, Sharron Angle wants to wipe out social security," a narrator says in the ad before featuring footage of Angle herself saying, "We need to phase Medicare and Social Security out."

In tackling Angle on the Scientology-related matter, the ad features a clip from a memorable campaign spot cut by her former GOP primary opponent, Sue Lowden, which depicts a scene of prisoners being pampered at a prison day spa.

"First a Scientology plan to give massages to prisoners," the ad intones. "Now she wants to get rid of Medicare and Social Security... What's next?"

Angle spokesman Jerry Stacy called the Reid camp's latest attack a "deception"; however, Angle's views on both Social Security and the proposed Scientology-inspired prison plan have been well-documented and have captured the media spotlight since the Republican hopeful won the rights to take on Reid in November.

WATCH: Reid Ad Slams Angle Over Social Security, Scientology

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